Monday, 25 April 2011

Home To Me

Oh the joy of gutless Guardians! I was just questing and doing my own thing and then a level 45 decides to jump me! I am on 35 so it wasn't very fair.. Eh, atleast a level 50 was kind enough to take him out, haha. Anyway, Max and I are going to be uploading our gameplay videos soon enough. Unfortunately there won't be any RIFT gameplay hence the fact that Max is to lazy to buy gametime and we aren't level 50 yet so there is no point in doing gameplay for it.

OH! I forgot to mention that TORCHLIGHT 2 is coming out this year! For those who don't know what Torchlight is, well it is a similar game to Diablo but more updated ofcourse. Torchlight was released in 2009 and it was a very impressive game! There have been so many Diablo copies out there and not one has come so close to it but at the same time is very original. I will defiantly be releasing a gameplay commentary on it once it is released!

Well it's that time again when I have to leave but I will not be leaving without a video again. Sit back and relax to the clip of the day!



  1. Cant wait for Torchlight 2, it is gonna be ALOT of fun!

  2. Very cool stuff, looking forward to torchlight 2

  3. Yay for torchlight running on macs