Saturday, 23 April 2011

Who We Are!

Just woke up. It's 8:30pm and I am ordering pizza for dinner. It's not exactly the best idea to be waking up at this time, haha. Oh well, I am just in the mood to play some more RIFT and to jump into Teamspeak and talk to everyone.

If anyone ever wants to join my Teamspeak channel, these are the details.
Port: 9194

Jump in and say hi! Just as long as you aren't a kid with a squeaky voice!

Now I have to leave you, but I am not leaving without an awesome VIDEO!



  1. that video is awesome man, I played rift in beta, pretty fun but I don't have time for mmo's anymore :( Nice blog, hope to see regular updates.

  2. Hey love the blog nice video,

    click my blogs help me out and follow

  3. Thanks guys and if you need help then just give me a shout out :D

    I will be posting regular clips of the day too , so if you want to suggest some then let me know! :)