Monday, 25 April 2011

Summon The Hounds

WOW! So much excitement coming out soon. Being a PC player I am always keeping myself updated on new releases of all my favorite genres. The main games I have been hanging out for is Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, TERA Online and Torchlight 2. As you can see, they are all RPG. I love a good game of Counter Strike or Call of Duty but my real love is for MMORPG and some regular RPG.

Guild Wars 2 was announced in 2007 I believe and has according to, Guild Wars 2 has the most Rating/ Hype with RIFT coming in second. The feature the original Guild Wars didn't hold was the movement ability to jump and also not being able to see other players out in the world unless they were in your party or in a main city/ outpost.

Diablo 3 is well recognized by alot of people because they have been waiting a long time for this to FINALLY be released after they have disappointed everyone many times by holding back on the release date (Just like Guild Wars 2).

I cannot explain TERA Online because I haven't looked into that game much but from the gameplay footage and the graphics, this game looks like it could be a great seller. As for Torchlight 2, well why explain that one? It just like Diablo but with it's own original gameplay.

Thank you for reading and come back tomorrow for a new update but don't forget to watch my clip of the day!



  1. Guild wars 2 is going to be so awesome

  2. i saw demo's for tera online, i had forgotten about it until now, any news about it's release? any new videos? and do i have to say it? DIABLO 3 NEEDS TO COME OUT NOW!

  3. Nar no news yet. It is in closed beta atm but they said it's release is issued for 2011 so fingers crossed it's not another GW2 and Diablo 3

  4. Oh come on, more teasers?! Can't wait for the actual games.