Thursday, 28 April 2011

Partners In Crime

Omg, my new mouse arrived yesterday in the mail! I ordered the Razer Imperator last week and it has finally arrived. The first game I tested it out with was black ops and surprisingly the mouse can actually change gameplay ALOT. I did 50% better than I usually do.

Anyway, back to the game talk! I was reading up on All Points Bulletin: Reloaded and I am happy so say that it is being patched up and ready for open beta.

"The APB Reloaded blog has been updated with a series of notices about streaming patches to be applied over the next several days as the team prepares the latest game version for open beta. Included updates will address the usual bugs and fixes as well as add the Armas Marketplace, fixing PunkBuster CPU spike, fixes to audio/video and the SkillRating system." MMORPG says.

So anyone any has been sitting in their mums basement waiting for this game, now is the time to go outside and do some normal stuff before it is released! Lets jsut hope this game isn't going to fail once more! And if anyone else out there is waiting on updated news on all MMORPG's, then visit

I am now going to go play a game of Minecraft but don't leave without watching the clip of the day!



  1. Had such high hopes for that game's OG version back in the day

  2. congrats, hope it lets you have more fun :]